Special prosecutor: No grand jury for Trayvon Martin case

Last Updated 2:05 p.m. ET

(CBS News) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - State Attorney Angela Corey has decided not to use a grand jury in her investigation into the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The grand jury, scheduled by the case's previous prosecutor, was set to convene on April 10.

A statement released by her office said that the decision "should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case."

Corey was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott last month to take over the investigation. At that time she said she may not need a grand jury.

Corey, the state attorney for the Jacksonville area, was appointed to take over the case after the local state attorney, Norman Wolfinger, recused himself.

Monday's statement said that the investigation continues, and declined further comment.

The decision to press charges now rests solely with Corey, whose reputation was to not present cases before grand juries if not required under state law. (In Florida grand juries are only required in cases of first-degree murder.)

In a statement, an attorney for the Martin family said it was "not surprised" by the announcement, but remained hopeful that a decision to arrest George Zimmerman will be reached soon.

"The family has been patient throughout this process and asks that those who support them do the same during this very important investigation," said attorney Benjamin Crump."

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Zimmerman, 28, has not been arrested in Martin's death, claiming self defense.

Students and alumni from several Florida universities marched through the streets of Sanford, Fla., Monday demanding an arrest, reports CBS News correspondent Susan McGinnis. The group, known as the Dream Defenders, made a three-day, 40-mile trek from Daytona to Sanford.

Protester Vanessa Baden told McGinnis, "To have a young man killed and 44 days later no one is arrested for that, it's proof positive the system is broke."

Protesters knelt in front of the Sanford Police department demanding justice for Martin. Demonstrators say they are prepared to be arrested for civil disobedience.

Zimmerman's friends and family believe he is innocent of any wrongdoing. But an attorney for Martin's family says Zimmerman should be put on trial.

"When you look at this evidence and evaluate it, I think the consensus is there must be an arrest in this case," said Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson.