Take some time to check out two amazing time-lapse pieces

(CBS News) Let's all take a little bit of time out of our day to check out two amazing time-lapse pieces that cover some of the more rural and rugged parts of the United States. We start things off in the video above with a vicarious trip to the Grand Canyon. Go ahead and take a look.

The Vimeo video entitled "Grand Canyon : Blink of Time" features the song "Don't Waste" by Figgy and was posted by GOTM Films who writes about the project:

Grand Canyon : Blink of Time is a time lapse film featuring the stunning views of the Grand Canyon. Blink of Time brings the viewer on a journey around and into the canyon. Over 80,000 photos were taken over the course of 7 weeks in April, May, and June of 2012 to make this film. During the production we were able to capture the solar eclipse that took place on May 20, 2012. You may also notice there are two shots that are not from the Grand Canyon both are of Horseshoe Bend. We felt it was appropriate to include these shots into the film because the colorado river is a main staple of the Grand Canyon. This is GOTM Films first time lapse passion project and was funded entirely by us. Our goal was to show the scope of the Grand Canyon to those who haven't had the fortune of visiting this natural wonder. Using time lapse allows the viewer a glimpse into the Blink of Time we spent making this film.

Just some truly stunning and wonderful work that has made this blogger passionate about their passion project - way to go, GOTM Films!  And continuing on the theme of first projects knocked out of the park, we shift locations to the wilds of Wyoming in a first attempt at time-lapse by Vimeo user Nicolaus Wegner in the video below enititled "Wyoming Wildscapes" and with music by Ghost Kollective. Both pieces have managed to impress your blogger here and hopefully all of you, too. If you'd like to check out more work from GOTM Films you can visit their Vimeo page by clicking here and for more by Nicolaus Wegner you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.