Teens Both Kept Weblogs

David Ludwig myspace page
This story was written By's Gina Pace

At first glance, the sites of David Ludwig and Kara Beth Borden look like the hundreds of thousands of personal Web pages posted by teens across the globe.

There's emoticons, high school banter, discussions of going to concerts and movies, and posts, like this one from Borden To Ludwig: "*YAY* heh you have to leave me a comment babe!! k? mk byeeeeeee lyl (love you lots)."

But these two teens are different. Ludwig, 18, is suspected of killing Borden's parents after an argument over her curfew. The teens were found Monday in Indiana and he was arrested after a police car chase. It is unknown if Kara, 14, was abducted or went along willingly.

While it is not confirmed that the sites indeed belong to the two teens, they appear authentic. Ludwig's Xanga site, part of a "Weblog" community, talks about his interests, which include "hanging out with friends," "eating candy" and "having soft air gun wars." He says he's an expert at "getting in trouble :-p."

It links out to a photo gallery which includes 59 self-photographs and a photo album of a hunting trip from 2004. Most of the postings on the Xanga site are pictures of his computers, discussing how he likes to spend all of his spare money on movies and computer games.

Borden's site is filled with pictures from her soccer games she often signs her posts "God Bless" or "Love You All."

Her interests include: "JESUS!!," "church," "my youth group," and "hugging." Her last posting was Nov. 11, when she added lots of family photos.

Over 1,000 comments had been posted on Ludwig's site after news of his alleged crime broke, telling him that "you are going to be doing time, hard time, for a long time" and "you're gonna get it in jail, cradle robber."

But before all the postings, the sites would give parents nothing to worry about. Ludwig's last blog posting on Oct. 24 on his profile talks about going to see the animated movie "Wallace and Gromit" and having fun with his friends, no indication that his life was about to change — drastically.

By Gina Pace