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This is your source for detailed, accurate information about the world of space exploration, from shuttle missions and assembly of the international space station to statistics, demographic data and coverage of planetary exploration from Mars to Saturn. No attempt is made to duplicate NASA's many space pages or others devoted to daily news. Rather, the goal here is to provide a level of detail and objectivity not readily available elsewhere.

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  • The CBS News Space Reporter's Handbook, available from the Current Mission page before each shuttle flight, provides a wealth of hard-to-get information while SpaceCalc, a suite of Excel spreadsheets, is available in both PC and Macintosh formats for armchair flight controllers who want to track a launch or mission in more detail. In-depth coverage of the Challenger disaster also is available on line.

    The Space Place is written, edited and maintained by CBS News space consultant William Harwood.

    Harwood has been an analyst for CBS News since 1992, contributing to its coverage of shuttle operations, space station news and deep space exploration. He has appeared on many CBS News broadcasts, including the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, the CBS Evening News weekend editions, The Early Show and Up to Minute.

    Prior to that, Harwood was the Cape Canaveral bureau chief for United Press International and its primary on-site reporter during the Challenger accident and investigation in 1986. He has been a full-time space journalist since 1984 and has covered more than 100 space shuttle flights, as well as many other scientific, commercial and military space missions.

    Harwood also provides shuttle coverage to "The Washington Post" and writes for the British magazine "Astronomy Now." He is the author of several books, including the National Geographic volume "Space Odyssey: Voyaging through the Cosmos."

    During space shuttle missions, Harwood provides timely and detailed email updates about the flight. Click here to start receiving Bill's email updates.

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