The city of Seattle as a desolate, urban wasteland

(CBS News)Last week we got to see the city of San Francisco imagined without people in a stunning first part of an ongoing series of work.  This week we look at the city of Seattle now as a desolate, urban wasteland. You really need to check this one out.

The thought-provoking and stunning second video in the "Empty America" series created by Ross Ching and posted by Thrash Lab, an Ashton Kutcher project, write about their latest:

"Empty America" continues in Seattle with scenic sky and cityscapes, with beloved landmarks from the parks to the port, see the high-rolling clouds over Seattle's Space Needle through a beautiful black hole sun with not a person in sight.

This series continues to amaze me with a striking perspective on the iconic landscapes we know so well, and makes you think with their visuals more akin to "The Walking Dead" than the everyday. Another amazing piece of work that has earned a triple-rainbow salute of awe from us here at The Feed. If you'd like to learn more about Thrash Lab, you can visit their website by clicking here.