The people and process behind "human-powered helicopters"

(CBS News) Back in September we showed you an impressive demonstration of "human-powered helicopter flight". Now, we have for you an informative piece that gives more of the background and build-up to pulling off such an amazing feat of physics. Check it out in the video above (and definitely make sure to watch the actual flight happen at about 2:36).

The Vimeo video aptly entitled "Human-Powered Helicopters: Straight Up Difficult" was posted by NPR, who also have an article about the event, and who write about the segment:

It's difficult to build a working four-rotor helicopter that spans 100 feet and only weighs 80 pounds. It's even harder when your engine is a 0.7-horsepower person. But one team of engineering students is trying to do just that.

Honestly, it's fascinating to see the people, the process and ultimately the "straight up difficult" work finally come to fruition in such an amazing way. A wonderful and informative segment from NPR, who has more videos you can check out by clicking here to go to their Vimeo page.