The show goes on despite Hurricane Sandy for late-night hosts

(CBS News) There is an old expression that "the show must go on." And for two New York City-based, late-night television hosts, that could not have been more true last night as they both continued their programs while Hurricane Sandy came bearing down on the city. We kick things off with CBS' own David Letterman in the video above.

The host of "The Late Show with David Letterman" would not be deterred by the force of nature that was approaching, but did make sure his audience departed for their safety. Kudos goes out to David from us here at The Feed for not only continuing the program, but thinking of the safety of others!

And another late-night host followed suit with a similar "show must go on" mentality, while also ensuring the safety of his audience and proving himself to be a real class act. Watch Jimmy Fallon from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" deliver his Hurricane Sandy edition of the show in the video below.