The Tax Man Cometh

TAXES: tax filing and tax forms
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
It's tax time. Used to be I had stuff in boxes, on a desk, under the bed, on the closet floor, in suit pockets, and invariably hopelessly lost amidst the detritus of daily life. That all changed 20 or so years ago when I got audited.

I had an accountant — my brother-in-law — and we're law-abiding guys. But believe me, when the letter comes from the Internal Revenue Service informing you that you are being audited, it's a clarifying moment. You turn the house inside out trying to come up with the stuff that will justify your deductions, and when and if you can't, panic sets in.

I will confess we went into the audit a little short of paperwork, chagrined and ever so polite. I put myself at the mercy of the IRS. It was just painful enough that I vowed it would never happen again. So now I dutifully save, duplicate, hoard, protect, and file the way I'm supposed to.

Afraid of the IRS? Me? You better believe it.

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By Harry Smith