"The Walking Dead" imagined as an upbeat musical (with zombies singing and dancing)

(CBS News) Have I mentioned I really love Halloween? No? Well, then, let me make this point clear: I absolutely love Halloween! Oh, and musicals. I love musicals, too. Which is why the above video is so perfect, because it blends two of my great passions into one wonderful piece of work.

The parody musical video was posted by AVbyte, whom we last saw imagining Disney princesses as modern day hipsters, and who write about their latest work:

Because we're excited about season 3, we made this! Where Zombies don't only eat brains, but also sing and dance! The Walking Dead Musical!

Starring: Ben Chavez, Andrew Bridges, Elizabeth Oldak, Kelsey Schergen, Amanda Pinto, Nick Berke, Sommer Carbuccia, Joshua Israel and Antonius Nazareth!

Another fun piece of Broadway-style re-imagining from the creative minds of Antonius and Vijay Nazareth (the comedic duo that comprise AVbyte) which has earned a round of applause from all of us here at The Feed!  For more Halloween fun, make sure to click on the slideshow above from our ongoing series of "Terrified reactions at a haunted house" galleries. And if you'd like to check out more work by AVbyte, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.