Tiffany Tehan Wants to Repay Cops for Search - So They Don't File Charges

Tre Hutcherson and Tiffany Tehan (Xenia Police Dept./Personal Photo)
Tre Hutcherson and Tiffany Tehan (Xenia Police Dept./Personal Photo)
DAYTON, Ohio (CBS/AP) Tiffany Tehan ruined her chances for "mother of the year" when she abandoned her husband and one-year-old child and disappeared to Florida earlier this month, triggering days of searches and national TV appeals.

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But now the runaway mom, her mother and her new boyfriend Tre Hutcherson, want to do what's right. They are negotiating to repay the police who searched for Tehan, so that charges aren't filed against the runaway mom.

Their attorney, Jon Paul Rion, said Thursday that officials in Xenia have agreed not to press charges if the pair make up what the search cost the southwest Ohio community.

Rion says he's in talks with prosecutors to determine how much the couple should pay.

Tehan, who has a 1-year-old daughter, was reported missing April 17 and resurfaced in Miami Beach with Hutcherson four days later.

The 31-year-old apologized on "Inside Edition" on Thursday and said her religious upbringing made divorce impossible.

Tehan says she fell in love with Hutcherson after they met getting coffee at a convenience store near the insurance office where she works. She says she felt overwhelmed as a new mother with a full-time job and a husband working and attending school.

She says, in hindsight, that the decision to run was not right for her.

Xenia officials have said the search cost more than $5,000 in police overtime alone.