Two boys sing acoustic cover of Rihanna's "We Found Love"

(CBS News) I've got a confession to make: I'm a huge fan of Rihanna's hit song "We Found Love". And I may or may not listen to it every other day. Which might be part of the reason why I found this acoustic cover of the song by two young Irish boys to be so amazing. Or it could simply just be amazing. But how about you go ahead and take a listen and decide for yourself.

The caught-on-tape performance was posted by YouTube user djminiedwards who writes:

2 young irish boys do an acoustic version of rihannas we found love! they are amazing and one of them adds his own written rap!

Now one of the two people in the video may have been identified as a young Irish rap/hip-hop performer by the name of Hariboo, but no confirmation on that yet. If anyone knows, please feel free to leave me some Comment love below.  Either way, a wonderful rendition of a beautiful song!

UPDATE: I ask and you deliver!  Now, a grain of salt as always when it comes to the Internet, but helpful Commenter justdamo below has responded by writing: "Hi the young lad in red and singing is my grandson 11 yo Robert Scanlon living in Celbridge Co. Kildare Ireland"  If accurate, your grandson is quite a talent!  Thank you so much for letting us at The Feed know and give credit where it is due.