Two Killed In Small Plane Crash

Police and airport officials look over the wreckage of a Cessna Citation 500 that crashed after take-off at Hobby airport in Houston, Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005. Two people were killed in the accident.
A small jet that crashed in Houston had been ordered to quickly leave the airstrip at Hobby Airport because of an incoming airliner.

Both people on board the jet were killed.

A fire official says controllers told the pilot of the jet to take off quickly because a Southwest 737 with some sort of problem was approaching.

District chief Tommy Dowdy says the Cessna Citation 500 took off — but then it encountered a problem. Dowdy says the pilot asked if the jet could return.

He says it crashed on one of the runways, caught fire and slid across a grassy area to a parallel runway.

Officials don't know what was wrong with the jet.

Meanwhile, the Southwest Airlines plane was diverted to the city's other major airport. It landed safely.

  • Stephen Smith

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