Two major music hits performed in very different ways (Gotye and Psy covers)

(CBS News) While I reserve Friday specifically for music, that doesn't mean we can't still have the occasional moment during the week. And we're going to kick things off today with two songs you know and love performed in ways you've never heard them done before. First up, Gotye's smash hit "Somebody That I Used to Know" performed with some old school computers. No clue what exactly that means? Don't worry, it will make total sense once you start to watch it.

The geeky, but cool, old school remix of the hit song was done by YouTube user bd594 who writes:

HP Scanjet 3C as the vocals. It lags a bit due to the fast paced vocals. In order for the stepper motor to play a note it has to be moving and with that large carriage it takes a few milli seconds before it can play a note. It doesn't sound like a lot of time but stretch that over a 4 minute song and voila...out of sync. Programming does help to compensate but it is not perfect.

Amiga 600 Bass on left audio output and Guitar on right audio output

Each audio channel was feed into an oscilloscope

2 Harddrives as the drums and cymbal

Xylophone as the Xylophone (duh) my apologies glockenspiel

Both the Harddrive and Xylophone are controlled by one PIC16F84A mircocontroller

And next up in our mini-music tour is an acoustic cover of a certain K-Pop sensation you might have heard of before: Psy!  Go ahead and take a listen to his hit song "Gangnam Style" performed by the group Ra-On at UC-Berkeley below.