VIDEO: Fla. cop kicks legs out from under child

YouTube video which captured the incident last Thursday, May 8, 2014.

CBS Miami

MIAMI - Police in Boynton Beach, Fla. are investigating after videos surfaced online which show one of their officers putting a child in a choke hold and then kicking the legs out from under him, causing him to slam into the ground, reports CBS Miami.

The videos, posted on YouTube, were recorded on a cell phone and they appear to have been shot through an open school bus window, according to the station.

The two videos, which were reportedly shot last Thursday, May 8, show two boys with their arms restrained behind their backs. One video shows one boy sitting on the ground while the other is put into a choke hold and then forced to sit down beside him.

The second video shows an officer walking by a boy who is standing and kicking his legs out from under him.

On Tuesday, police issued a statement which said the department was "investigating the circumstances surrounding this situation and have placed one of the officers on administrative duty."

It went on to say that "despite the fact that we have received no formal complaints at this time, we are committed to reviewing the situation in its entirety and taking whatever action is deemed most appropriate at the conclusion of our investigation."