Voice of The Simpsons Harry Shearer: New Orleans flooding was not a natural disaster

Simpsons voice and co-creator Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer, a creator of "The Simpsons" and known for his comedic voice work of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Rev. Lovejoy and Scratchy, recently came out with a new film about Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana called "The Big Uneasy."

The film examines what caused New Orleans to flood after the hurricane in 2005, seeking to make the case that the flooding was fault of the Army Corps of Engineers and the failure of the structures that were supposed to protect the city.

"The hurricane was a natural disaster. The flooding of New Orleans was not," Shearer told Plante. "What I do is put in front of the camera people who really did the investigative work."

Shearer said the investigations were ignored by the national media.

"Everybody covered the emotional part. But the 'why did these people have to suffer part' was left to a guy from the Simpsons to come in and cover," he said.

Watch the full interview above.