Waitergate: Did Ritz-Carlton Accommodate Racist Family?

The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Fla. (
The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Fla. (
FORT MYERS, Fla. (CBS/AP) Naples Ritz-Carlton waiter Wadner Tranchant is suing the hotel and one of its managers for allegedly accommodating a family who requested they not be helped by minorities or staff with accents.

Tranchant, a 40-year-old Haitian-born U.S. citizen, says supervisors prevented him from serving the family during their lengthy stay last month.

He claims the hotel's compliance with the request created a hostile and abusive work environment.

Tranchant's lawyers filed the lawsuit last Tuesday in Florida's Middle District of U.S. Court in Fort Myers and seek damages exceeding $75,000.

A spokesman says the family isn't welcome to return, and the hotel has policies preventing discrimination and harassment.

Tranchant is still working at the Ritz-Carlton.