Wallace Takes On Wallace

Mike Wallace, Book, Between You and Me
Before arriving at a TV studio Thursday for an interview to promote his memoir, Mike Wallace had a feeling that hundreds of people who had sat across from him with the cameras rolling would find familiar.

"I was intimidated ahead of time, I have to say," he said. "Who knows what he really had in mind?"

His interrogator was his son, Chris. Their talk, taped for "Fox News Sunday," represented the first time father and son had crossed paths professionally in careers that together stretch three-quarters of a century.

For Chris, 58, it felt unusual primarily because cameras were rolling. Their personal conversations would often reflect a father-son rivalry, as they engaged in a sort of loving trash talk. Their expression for it was more profane.

Every fall before he started another year in college, Chris said his dad would put him on the spot asking how much money he needed.

"It was like being interviewed by Mike Wallace," he said.