Watch a 285 lb guy seemingly defy gravity with a 55" box jump

(CBS News) Yesterday we showed you a feat of athleticism and intellect in the form of a guy doing one-handed push ups while solving a Rubik's Cube. It was very impressive. Well, today we have another feat of the physical in the form of a seemingly gravity defying box jump in the video above.

The impressive display of athleticism was posted in 2011 by YouTube user NXLevel1 who writes:

NX Level athlete, Lott Award winner, and future NFL first round pick JJ Watt shows freakish athleticism in exploding to a 55" box jump at 285 lbs. NX Level couldnt be more proud of JJ. We've watched him develop for five years now from a skinny Pewaukee Senior to a freakishly athletic NFL first round pick!

And for those who are curious (apologies to any who already know), JJ Watt did in fact end up going into the NFL and now plays for my hometown team, the Houston Texans.  Major props go out to JJ Watt from all of us here at The Feed for his amazing feat of leap! And to check out more videos from NXLevel1, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.