Watch a dolphin "stampede" super-pod encounter

(CBS News) Dolphins are amazing. Period.  I'm stating a fact here, and not something that is open to discussion. And because of that we've posted some incredible videos of dolphins recently here on The Feed. In August we showed you some phenomenal underwater footage captured of a dolphin pod swimming together. Then in September we showed you a dolphin giving birth. And today we have for you a stunning video of a dolphin "stampede" super-pod encounter.

The incredible caught-on-tape moment was posted by Chase Jarvis who writes:

Explorer Mike Horn and Photographer Chase Jarvis encounter a rare "super-pod" of dolphins off the coast of South Africa. Thousands and thousands of dolphins give Chase and crew a mind-blowing photo and video opportunity.

So to reiterate, it is a fact that dolphins are amazing. And this rare video is spectacular. A big triple-rainbow salute of awesome go out to explorer Mike Horn and photographer Chase Jarvis from all of us here at The Feed for sharing this moment with us and the world! And to check out more videos from photographer Chase Jarvis, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.