Watch dinosaurs become extinct right before your very eyes (through the medium of dominoes)

(CBS News) I've got to give major credit to the above video for not only being really, really fun to watch, but also telling a rather fascinating story while doing so. Watch dinosaurs become extinct right before your very eyes through the creative use of a lot of dominoes falling.

The extremely complex video entitled "The Fall of Dinosaurs" was done by YouTube user FlippyCat, who was previously featured here on The Feed in July for another amazing domino video that displayed Vincent van Gogh's legendary "Starry Night". He writes about this latest work:

This took 38.5 hours of setup time, over about 2 weeks.

This project contains several smaller projects that I have wanted to do for a long time...the earth being hit and spreading out (since I did this with flags), the eggs revealing something behind them, a fossil/skeleton and a domino-saur!

It's amazing how much time and effort it takes to create just a minute-and-a-half of video, but it definitely seems well worth it in the end.  A big triple-rainbow salute of creativity goes out to FlippyCat from all of us here at The Feed for this innovative way of showing the extinction of dinosaurs through the medium of dominoes. And if you'd like to check out more domino madness by FlippyCat, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.