What If The People Had Veto Power?

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This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Trust: there is none. Whatever fragile shreds of trust that existed between the Bush White House and the American people have almost completely withered away.

The White House has been emphatic about vetoing any troop spending bill that includes pullout dates. The president and vice president have made it clear: They say it sends a bad message to the troops. They say it sends a bad message to the Iraqis. They have belittled and demeaned the authors of the legislation, and they have made clear there will be no negotiation.

They have turned to the American people again and again, and said, "We know better." Well it looks like whatever street "cred" the White House once had is about gone. New polls show that by a dramatic margin, Americans support the Democratic plan for withdrawal.

The bill will arrive at the White House on the fourth anniversary of the president's "Mission Accomplished" speech. The White House is not pleased; the Democrats say it's just a coincidence.

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By Harry Smith