When it comes to Libya, "war" is a dirty word for White House

Shortly after an off-camera briefing by White House press secretary Jay Carney with reporters, CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid told CBS News' Rob Hendin that the administration is "still on track, they believe, to hand over authority, the lead, on this mission in Libya."

Carney also stressed that it will be days, not weeks, before the administration gives up control of the mission. In "maybe eight to nine days it's going to happen," Reid said.

Reid also noted that the White House is strongly against calling this mission a "war," a word which has caused tension among lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Washington.

"They're really avoiding the use of that word," Reid told Hendin.

Both Carney and Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, define U.S. involvement in Libya as "limited military action," according to Reid who added, "Limited both in duration and scope. They don't want to get into calling this a war because that, of course, would involve Congressional approval."

Watch the latest from Chip Reid above.