Wylie's Angel: Handicapped Boy's Body Found in Texas Park, Who Is He?

Wylie Police Department
Composite image of unidentified boy. (Wylie Police Department)

WYLIE, Texas (CBS/AP) - Residents of Wylie Lake, Texas are trying to solve a mystery, and a tragedy, after the body of an unidentified boy was found near Lavon Lake.  Authorities, who believe the boy was 6-years-old, said the child's body showed signs that he was fed with a feeding tube, and that he had significant medical needs; however, there were no apparent signs of trauma.

One week after a gardener found the body in a park, in this community about 20 miles from Dallas, residents have taken to calling the victim "Wylie's Angel," according to CBS affiliate KTVT.

Both the Wylie Police Department and the Collin County Child Task Force are investigating.

"We're marking anything that could be anything. We don't know what we have right now," Detective Venece Perepiczka told KTVT. "There's little information that we even have to go off of right now. We're just taking everything into consideration."

The chld's body was found in a place Wylie residents frequently visit.

"It's just so tragic the way this young man was left out here," said Roy Cook with Country Outreach Church in Wylie. "Just makes you appreciate everything around us."

Police say there are no missing children reports that match information about the boy.

If you have any information about this case, call the hotline of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1.800.843.5678.