Youngest GOP freshman uses Facebook to interact with voters

Updated 12:35 p.m. ET

As members of Congress continue to fine-tune their Facebook-ing skills - advertising fundraisers, posting their press releases and hawking their latest cable news hit - Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., uses the social media site as an educational tool.

"I'd rather communicate about how I'm voting because that's really what's important here," Amash tells CBS News. "We're trying to educate people at home, trying to get them more involved and trying to have an influence on the rest of the Congress."

Amash says the most overlooked issue facing America today is our need for more accountability and transparency in government. So this 30-year-old congressman explains every vote he casts as a member of the House of Representatives right on his Facebook wall. He cuts through the legal jargon, explains procedure and answers his followers' questions when he can.

He was the lone GOP freshman to vote against a short-term government funding measure Tuesday, and he immediately pulled out his iPad and defended the vote on Facebook: "just voted no on H J Res 44, the two-week continuing resolution (budget) for FY 2011. I support the efforts of my GOP colleagues to move the budget process along so that we can work toward serious spending reductions. Unfortunately, this budget cuts spending at the rate of only $133 million/week or $6.95 billion/year. That's four-tenths of one percent of our annual deficit. The continuing resolution passed 335-91."

On this week's "Unplugged Under 40" Amash also explains why and when he feels voting "present" is a good idea. Like when the House calls routinely calls a Journal vote - a vote called with a 15 minute warning where members are asked to approve hundreds of pages documenting what occurred on the floor the day before. Though no one claims to read this transcript, most members vote yes and move on. Not Amash. If he hasn't had sufficient time to read a bill, he's not voting "yes" or "no" for it.

Watch the interview with Amash above.